For Data Owners

Looking for additional revenue streams for monetizing your STEM data? The Data Licensing Alliance is your perfect channel partner.  The data can be in the form of a scientific journal; an archive of lab data, environmental data - it’s up to you.  You can post all your data in whatever digital format(s) you may have and our comprehensive contracts keep you in control of your data with terms you set regarding usage, rights and permissions.  Partnering with the DLA allows you to:

  • Access new customers and market segments
  • Build new recurring revenue streams
  • Leverage a new channel for add-on revenue
  • Drive impact from content in new ways
  • Control and understand how content is used

Unleash the Value of your Data

We help you share, distribute and commercialize your data products across the entire researcher ecosystem.  DLA technology is the launchpad for the creation of new business models, innovative products, and the development of new data-driven services that maximize the value and revenue of your data.

Setting Your Parameters

We have authored a comprehensive contractual license that your licensees must abide by, AND we provide you with the flexibility to include additional limitations as you decide.

Powerful Tools

The way people consume data is constantly in flux, so our marketplace and tools must adapt quickly. We strive to anticipate these changes so you can spend less time trying to find clients and focus more on creating and publishing data.

Robust Reporting and Accounting

Our platform provides complete transparency.  We know who the licensees are, what they are looking for, what they have viewed and licensed, and can anticipate what they need next.  Respecting all data privacy protocols, we provide you with reporting that helps shape your data publishing efforts.

Liability and Risk for You and Your Data

Whether a large multi-national publishing operation or a solo researcher, all data owners need to minimize their legal liability and risk AND be assured that their data is safe and secure.

From the legal liability and risk side, our lawyers can assess the structure of your operation, such as its physical or digital space, the types of products you have for license, and so on. From there, we can help you to offer your data on our marketplace and consult with you on the best strategy(ies) to maximize the value of your data assets.