Welcome to the DLA

You need data and lots of it! Without data, your efforts are nothing. We are the first STEM data marketplace enabling the exchange of machine-ready content between publishers and data users. At DLA, we have years of experience licensing data and know just how much friction there is in the whole process of finding and licensing the right data for your needs. At the Data Licensing Alliance, we are constantly adding masses of data from owners. We make it simple and easy to find the right data, in the right file type - from XML to HL7's FHIR - to power your AI and ML needs.

For Data Users

Our marketplace has powerful search tools, to help you find the precise set of data for machine learning.  The more you use our marketplace, the better your search results. Our system has built-in prediction technology to suggest additional (or alternate) datasets to meet your needs. The DLA enables you to:

  • Quickly and easily find multiple data sources from one location
  • Find additional data assets you may not know existed, or let us help you find more
  • License relevant and trusted data sources for your research or project
  • Save on pipeline engineering costs with a variety of machine-readable formats and standards
  • Understand and comply with data governance needs

Simple Acquisition Process

It's simple, fast and painless. Once you find the right data, we make it super easy to complete your data license.  In a nutshell, the process goes something like this:

  • Register on the DLA site. Tell us what data you are looking for
  • Find the right datasets:
      • do you need the whole set of data - i.e. the whole journal, database, book or table?
      • do you need just a subset of the data - i.e. only figures, a paragraph, or an image?
  • Pick the term of your license from available choices
  • Complete the clickwrap license
  • Pay the license fee
  • Receive the data - either via an API key or FTP transfer

        Contracts & Intellectual property

        We have it all set for you.  On the contracts side, our license sets out exactly what you can and cannot do with the data you license.  There is NO MORE back and forth hassle with data owners who do not understand how to license content or subscribe to “old” ways of viewing data licensing.

        Further, we know how important intellectual property is in this ecosystem.

        • For the data owners, the raw data is their business. This is how they put food on the table. They own all the raw data. Period.
        • For you, it is your algorithms, talent and efforts to manipulate raw data to produce derivative datasets and/or knowledge graphs. You own this output. Period.